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Oliver Twist

Allrite Cockers, my name is Jak Taylor, and today I’m going to talk about a book that I read, called Oliver Twist.

Oliver Twist, is about a young boy called: Oliver Twist, he was born in a workhouse were the poor people live, his mother died just after giving birth to him.

oliver-twistSo, our poor Oliver was an orphan, he lived in the workhouse were they only got very little food, one day Oliver was really, really hungry so he asked “please sir may I have some more” more, more, more!! Replied the master, then hit Oliver with a big spoon, then Mr Bumble took him to a cold dark room and left him there for a week.

So, Mr Bumble gets Oliver to go and live with other people, he went to lie with Mr Sowerberry, and his wife Mrs Sowerberry, they agreed to take him on, so Oliver had to sleep coffins, he only had very little food, all Oliver had to do was help Mr Sowerberry with the funerals, but Oliver didn’t like that.

One day, Oliver escaped an went on the road to London, he had lots of good things, about London so he wanted to go, and find a better life, he took no food, and no water, he got little bit’s of food from people as he was passing by but he was really tired.

On his way, he met a young man named Dodger, he offered him a place to stay with food and drink as well, Oliver went with him, and met the owner of the house, he was called Fargin, Oliver didn’t know at the time but Fargin, is a very bad man.

After Oliver had a sleep all the orphans that lived there played a game and Fargin put things in his pocket and they had to take them out but if they fell it Fargin would said “NO DO IT AGAIN!!” Then they all went to play the game out on the streets, Oliver soon realised that this is no game and they were stealing, they stole something and Oliver got the blame and a police man came over he got Oliver, but lucky for him a man in the bookshop saw it wasn’t Oliver so he was set free.

Oliver got taken by Mr Sikes a friend of Fargin and they both took him and forst him in too helping them with a crime, which in the end Oliver got shot because the people inside tried to kill him for stealing, so Oliver told them his story and let him in and they wanted to help him.

Then Oliver doesn’t know but but another bad man Monks is his half brother and wanted to kill Oliver, what happens next?? Read the book to find out.

I loved the book, Charles Dickens is a great author, he has an brilliant mind for writing story’s, he is a genius, I’ve loved everything I read of his.



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