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A Christmas Carol

Allrite Cockers my name is Jak Taylor and today I’m going to talk about a Christmas Carol a book by Charles Dickens.

Ebenezer Scrooge is a man who hates Christmas, but everyone around him love’s it, this Christmas charity man came looking for some money but Scrooge didn’t won’t to give any, then his nephew came round and asked if he would like to go for Christmas dinner Scrooge replied “barrh humbug I hate Christmas” so he then left then his clerk came saying tomorrow is Christmas Day could I have the day off, at first Scrooge replied no but then said yes but you won’t get paid and you have to come in early on Boxing Day ok responded Bob.


That night as Scrooge was locking up he heard chains around his house, he went see what it was, it was a sprit, it was the ghost of Marley Scrooge’s old business partner, he was bound in chain’s, Scrooge was frightened and wanted to know why he was here and why he was wearing chains? So Marly told him that he was in chain’s because he was not a nice man and didn’t like Christmas and never gave to charity so he will now forever walk in then chain’s but he was there to tell Scrooge about what was going to happy this Christmas Eve night you will be visited by 3 ghost Scrooge said Marley, and then disappeared out the window, well Scrooge was very scared, but then thought he only made it up in his head.

Then at 1 o’clock in the window a figure appeared and said Scrooge come with me and need to show you something, what, I’m not coming with you replied A scared Scrooge, and then he went with her they went back to his childhood the time when his farther hated him one Christmas Scrooge was on his own in his school because his farther was that bad with him then after a while his sister Fan came in to tell Scrooge some great news that there farther had changed and wanted him back so he went back and was loved, then they went to a different point, it was Scrooge with a girl, and they were getting married but in the end Scrooge didn’t won’t to then the ghost took him home and left.

Then about 2 hours or so later, one of Scrooges rooms changed, it was decorated, and he could smell Christmas dinner, he went into the room and there was a big, big, big pale of food and a figure sat on top, he shouted down in the ghost off Christmas present, come with me Scrooge, he went and they went to the house of the girl Scrooge was going to marry, she now has a husband, children…, and the husband said he’d seen Scrooge and he was looking angrier than ever, then they went to his nephew’s house were Fred was getting told by his wife why do you keep asking your uncle round for Christmas dinner he will never come and ever if he did he wouldn’t have any Christmas sprit which Fred replied saying yes he will, and yes he will have just you wait, then there last stop took them to Bob his clerks house, where Bob had a young boy on he’s shoulders who’s that? Asked Scrooge well that’s Tiny Tim he’s Bob’s son and he need doctors because he can’t walk anywhere he need’s the best care but the problem is they have no money replied the ghost, but I have money replied Scrooge, then he a clock struck and he disappeared

Scrooge tired around and there was another ghost, this ghost scared Scrooge more than the others he was wearing a black clock and he pointed to Scrooge and said follow me but Scrooge said who are you? Are you the ghost of Christmas future? But the ghost just kept pointing and said follow me again, so Scrooge went and he took him to the side of a bed and the was a cover on the top of this person, who is it? Asked Scrooge the ghost wouldn’t say and he moved on, then he took him to the graveyard to go see someone who had died, it was Tiny Tim he had died because he didn’t get enough care he needed more he died, then he took him to his grave and Scrooge kept asking was it me the poor man on that bed the ghost didn’t answer.

What happens to Scrooge after that you wonder well you’ll have to read it to find out.

I really liked this book I have read a couple now off Charles Dickens and he’s I great author, I really enjoyed this book and I think you will too.



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