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Great Expectations

Allrite Cockers, Im Jak Taylor and today I will talk about a book called Great Expectations.

I have read the book by Charles Dickens Great Expectations, he’s a very IMG_0772.JPGfamous and known author in England.

The book is about a boy named Pip, he has no parents, but he has a sister, and lives with her husband Joe, he is a blacksmith.

He lives in The Marshes which is next to the River Thames, a prisoner named Abel Magwitch caught Pip saying he needs food. Pip was afraid of his sister, but he was more afraid of the prisoner Abel, wanting food. There was another prisoner in The Marshes, enemy of the prisoner. Pip left food for the prisoner. The two prisoners began to fight and the soldiers caught them.

One day a woman named Mrs. Havisham told Pip to come to her house to see her daughter named Estella and that’s the girl who Pip likes, but the problem is that Miss Havisham hate men, because one day right before her wedding the man said he did not want to marry her. She was very rich, and she has never took her wedding dress off. Estella was telling her that she must learn to hate men and break men’s hearts. Estella has no heart.

Now Pip is 18 years old and he is working with Joe and when Pip Sister was ill a girl named Biddy, went to help around the house, and she really liked Pip but he likes to Estella, one day and a man named Lord Jaggers came to talk to Pip, he told Pip some good new’s you’re rich, Pip said what, a person wants to give you a lot of money for you, who? asked Pip, I can’t tell you replied Mr. Jaggers, so Pip told Joe and Biddy that he’s leaving to London with Mr. Jaggers to learn how to be a gentleman.

After a while Pip forget Joe and Biddy and learned how to become a gentleman, Estella came from Paris to London after learning to be a lady, Mrs. Havisham was the person which Pip thought left the money because she was very rich, so Pip went to see them, and Pip told Estella she look’s very beautiful and he wanted to marry her, Estella said no, and that she will marry another man named Bentley Dummle, he was horrible man, but Estella has no heart so she think’s its best for her.

One night a man came to talk to Pip, and said: de you remeber me? No replied Pip, I’m a prisoner of the Marshes you helped me and I wanted to help you I had money, I live in austrelia but the police and my enemy of the Marches are looking for me I will have to go soon,  but will you help me escape?

There is a point in the book when the police start to chase Able and his enermy is with then, but if you want to find out what hapen’s you’ll have to read it.

I personally really like this book, and the reason I really like this book is because the way Charles Dickens writes, he writes in a way that you think you know what’s about to happen but you really don’t I enjoy reading and thinking along with his book’s.



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